It’s no surprise that, over time, wooden floors can lose their lustre and start to look unloved. After all they are walked on, sat on, furniture gets dragged across them and they do have to endure a lot. The beauty of wood though is that you can breathe new life into it. One way to give wooden flooring a new lease of life is sanding. Sanding can breathe new life into your flooring, removing blemishes and unwanted residues and preparing it for a new coating or color.

It’s always easier to sand a surface which hasn’t had too many different coatings or layers of color, so before we begin we will always undertake some checks to establish how deep we need to sand. Based on this and the age/condition of your wood, we will then get to work using a variety of grades of sandpaper. We use a combination of machines and hand held sandpaper for more delicate, smaller areas, restoring your wood to its former glory and making it ready for the next steps.

Sanding does create a lot of dust so we will ensure that the room is fully prepped before we start removing any furniture, wall hangings, light fittings or anything else that can get coated in dust and that the doors are closed to prevent the dust travelling – we will also open the windows to keep the room well ventilated. Once we have an empty room we will get to work sanding the floor. Now as we previously mentioned it may be necessary to sand quite deep depending on the build-up of coatings and colour.

Once we have sanded the floor to the desired effect we will then let you choose the finish you want. Some people choose to leave the floor as it is after sanding as they like the look of the bare wood. We would advise though that you have at least one layer of protective coating applied to minimise the risk of future damage. Once the wooden floor has been sanded we can stain and coat or just coat for protection. If you are having the floor stained and wish to change the color from what was there previously this is not a problem in fact you may be having the floor sanded in order to achieve a new color.

If you are interested in having your floor sanded to either restore it or achieve a new look then get in touch and we will be happy to advise.