Hardwood floor refinishing

Whilst hardwood flooring is designed to last a lifetime, like anything, over time it will be subject to wear and tear which will eventually need a little care and attention. There are things you can do to keep your hardwood flooring looking like new but after a certain period of time you may find that it needs refinishing.

At Rovins Hardwood Flooring we offer a hardwood flooring refinishing service that is designed to leave your hardwood flooring looking as good as new. Whether it was installed a couple of years ago or many years ago we offer a range of options to suit your requirements.

Our refinishing services will leave your hardwood flooring looking as good as new, no matter how long ago it was originally installed. We offer a range of options, from sanding to cleaning and recoating, and whatever your needs, you can trust us to deliver an exceptional service.

We offer the following refinishing solutions:

Wood Sanding
Using sanding machines we will remove the existing coating layers and stain back to the original bare wood. This is done using sanding machines and is the process needed to change the colour of the wood or when there are scratches and other signs of wear to the flooring. We also offer a dustless sanding service which doesn’t completely remove all dust but it does use a system that contains the dust during the sanding process. This process is lengthier than the traditional sanding and can add time and cost to the project.

Staining is a job that needs to be carried out by professionals as there is so much involved to ensure that the correct color is achieved and that the right level of staining is used so as not to reveal any imperfections. It is important that there are no streaks and that excess stain is removed.

The floor encounters many challenges. People walking on it, children playing on it, dogs, cats and general everyday wear and tear. Once the stain has been applied our team will coat the floor with either an oil based, water based or acid cured finish.

After some time your hardwood flooring is likely to sustain some surface scratches and scuffs. To ensure that you keep your floor maintained recoating using one of the above methods is advisable.

We also provide services such as Oil Residue Cleaning and Sandless Refinishing. These are both methods of preparing the floor ready for recoating and ensure that any build up is removed prior to retreating the floors.