The last thing you want when you run a business is to have something forcing you to close the doors for any length of time. Unfortunately sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that these things can’t be avoided. Flooding and water damage, in particular, can be a nightmare for commercial businesses. It can lead to the loss of stock, damage to equipment, the closure of your business leading to a lack of customer and damage to the premises.

One thing we can help you with is damage to your flooring. With our 24 hour Water Extraction call out service your flooring will be one less thing to worry about. We will extract the water, dry out the area affected and make good the damage from small repairs to large scale floor replacements.

Our water extraction services employs the use of large industrial extractor fans and pads to remove water. This can take a few days to completely get rid of all water and ensure everything is dry but once it is done we can assess the extent of the damage. If you are lucky it may just involve a few panels being replaced or some patching to the existing floor. In more severe cases where the water has made its way into the concrete beneath, it is likely that you will need a whole new sub floor in order to avoid damp and mould and additional costs further along the line. Whatever the situation we will advise you on the options available to you and get to work to fix the problem so that you can open your doors again as quickly as possible. We will always give you a fair and transparent quote prior to undertaking any work and ensure that we don’t quote you for any necessary work.

Obviously this sort of event will be covered by your business insurance and we will be happy to talk to the insurance provider directly on your behalf and write a comprehensive report on all damage and the work required to put it right. At Rovin’s Hardwood flooring we work with many businesses and have extensive experience when it comes to this sort of work so we understand the process and what is required. We also understand what a stressful time it can be for business owners and we strive to remove the stress and worry for you and get everything back to normal in as little time as possible.