Particularly in the case of lacquers and other coatings that have been prepared and applied by a non-professional, you may find after a period of time that there is a messy, uneven build-up of oil residue on your floor which can only be removed with the appropriate cleaning products and machinery. You will no doubt be able to tell when you have an oil build-up on your floor as it tends to pick up more dirt. Foot prints become noticeable and the floor just starts to look dirtier.

Some floor cleaners that are sold to you as “the next best thing” unfortunately tend to leave a horrible scum like build-up that in the end need to be sanded back in order to remove. Many oil soaps and professional floor cleaners should in fact be avoided at all costs. We spend so much time removing residue from floors where our customers have bought these products on the strength of the advertising believing them to be the solution to keeping their floor clean.

When you have had enough of the appearance of your floor and want it all removed we will be able to help. We use a combination of state of the art equipment and traditional cleaning methods to restore your wood to its former glory and remove any unwanted residue, leaving you with a smooth, even surface. At this point we will then be able to offer our professional advice on how to clean and maintain your floor going forward.  

Before we start the work we will take a look at the severity of the build-up and give you an honest appraisal of what will be needed to complete the job to your satisfaction. If you operate a business premises we will often be able to undertake the work outside of working hours so that you don’t suffer an interruption to business. If you are a homeowner looking to get your floors cleaned we will wait until you are out of the house and then complete the job. It is much easier to get the job done when we have flexibility to move around without getting under your feet.

Please make sure that you consult the professionals though and don’t attempt to do the job yourself. A wooden floor is a luxury and one that you want to protect and maintain. With our wealth of experience we will be able to bring back your floor to its former glory.