commercial floor maintenance

To prolong the life of your hardwood flooring and ensure that it is hard wearing and lasts as long as it should, we recommend that you ensure that it is regularly maintained. From large scale refinishing to maintaining individual hardwood panels we already work with many companies that trust us and rely on us to undertake the maintenance work of their flooring.

It is no surprise that the wooden flooring in commercial premises puts up with a lot of abuse. With regular footfall and the wear and tear it gets subjected to every day it can soon start to show signs of looking a little weary, dented, scuffed and scratched. Imagine the abuse that the flooring in a shopping mall is subjected to. With people walking, running, pushing trolleys, wheelchairs and pushchairs on it, it gets subjected to punishment daily – not to mention the kids with heelies, roller skates and skateboards!

It is certainly true that prevention is better than cure so we advise, as well as regular cleaning, that the floor is re-coated regularly. Now how often that is done will depend on the amount of traffic the floor is subjected to. It is important to consider how your floor is cleaned and what products are used. Most commercial concerns will employ the services of a reputable cleaning company that should know how to clean hardwood floors. It is important to use the right products for cleaning – nothing too harsh and abrasive.

As well as regularly cleaning the floor, keeping the temperature of the environment is key to prevent humidity. Most of the time commercial premises have air conditioning and the temperature is regulated to a specific temperature. This is good as having the premises too hot or too cold will mean that the floor will expand and contract and you will get unsightly gaps between the boards. You don’t want humidity to interfere with your hardwood flooring.

Now with a laminate flooring it is likely that your maintenance regime will be a lot different as laminate is not as hard wearing as wood and will no doubt need replacing more regularly. You can talk to us about the maintenance of both types of flooring and we will advise you on the best course of action. If we have already fitted your floor then we will have given you advice on how to maintain it but if we didn’t fit the floor and you would like us to assess your commercial premises we are only too happy to help.