Wood floor medallions certainly do make a statement about a property whether it be a home or commercial premise. Imagine having your business logo inlaid into the wooden floor of your premises or if it’s something for your home you could have your very own elegant design enhancing the look and feel of your floor and giving it that wow factor! It is surprising how many people will notice it and the impression that it will leave on them.

So how do you get your very own designed and fitted wooden medallion? Well it is easier than you may think and we have highly skilled designers that can design and create your own individual, stunning medallion which can be seamlessly integrated into your wooden floor. You give us your ideas and thoughts and we will create a design that you will be keen to show off to all your friends or customers.

If you think about it you can probably remember somewhere that you have seen a wooden medallion – they often leave a lasting impression. You will usually find them in conference halls, grand hotels, big office buildings or wedding venues. They make a statement and are a great welcoming addition to a grand building or an entrance hall. If you have a large entrance hall a wooden medallion would certainly make a statement. They add a touch of class and really say something about a property giving it that regal touch.

If you are interested in this as a feature of your commercial premises you may want to incorporate your company logo as a way of enhancing your brand, alternatively you may want a signature piece for your home. We will take your designs and ideas and come up with the perfect solution. Of course as well as having the floor medallion designed you will also need it installed which is not a problem as our installation team are experienced when it comes to fitting these medallions having already done so for many residential and commercial clients alike. Sometimes the medallion will be inserted into an existing floor, at other times it may be part of a new wooden flooring design. Either option is not a problem for our experienced installation team.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve and we will work with you to produce the design that you are looking for.