Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be particularly devastating and the damage it causes once the water subsides can be far reaching. That is why it is critical that you call in local water damage restoration specialists as soon as possible to help you reduce the impact that the water will cause to your flooring if left untreated. If you don’t, the moisture will reach deep into the floors and carpets and even further to the foundations through the subfloor.

Call in the specialists as soon as possible

In the first instance, you need to ensure that the water has subsided, then the next step is to call in the water damage restoration specialists. At Rovins Flooring we have helped many clients put right the damage caused by floods, leaks or other water damage. We need to remove all the flooring whether that be carpets or hardwood so that we can see how far the water has gone and whether there is damage to the subfloor.

Subfloor drying

Once we have undertaken the carpet and hardwood removal we inspect the subfloor to assess the water damage. The longer the water has been left, the more likely that the damage will have gone below the subfloor. We will undertake the subfloor drying next ensuring that there is no damage beyond this. Once the subfloor has been dried out, we are then ready to either put back the dried carpets or hardwoods or replace them with new.

Carpet and hardwood drying

Of course, every case is different and some jobs are much simpler than others when it comes to water damage restoration. It may be just a case of drying out a carpet that has been subject to a leaky pipe or superficial water leaks. In other cases, it may be flooding that has led to standing water for hours or days that is much harder to dry out. Some carpet and hardwood drying can take days or even a week to complete so it is important to be patient and not to replace the flooring too soon.

The importance of thorough water damage restoration

Damp carpets, flooring and subfloors are a hazard to health. Moisture can create mildew which can cause respiratory problems and other health concerns. There are also safety hazards to consider as you don’t want the water to continue to cause damage to the property foundations for example making it potentially unsafe. When you ask us to come to the property to inspect the water damage restoration requirements we will advise you of the extent of the damage and the necessary steps that need to be taken. For more information about our water damage restoration for carpets, hardwoods and subfloors then get in touch.