staircases installation

In addition to our hardwood wooden flooring services, at Rovin’s Harwood Flooring we also specialise in the installation of staircases.

Installing staircases is a highly skilled job which is definitely best left to experienced professionals like our team of experts. We’ve been building and installing quality staircases for residential and commercial partners for years so can be relied on to finish the job to an excellent standard.

Whether you’re looking to replace individual steps or have a whole new staircase installed, we’ve got a huge selection of woods and styles available. These can be matched seamlessly to your wooden flooring to give a uniformed look throughout the property. The stair treads are either made from one solid piece of wood or several individual strips with a round edge nose, and this is the same with risers.

You may be looking for a new staircase for your home or you may be wanting a staircase that goes up to a new loft conversion. You could be adding space to your home with an extension and need your current stairs removed. If you are considering adding or moving a staircase in your commercial premises you may have additional requirements. In the first instance we will send out our surveyor to assess the project, offer you their professional advice and give you an estimate for the job both in terms of cost and time needed to complete the job. We will offer you genuine and honest advice and never advise on a course of action unless it is absolutely necessary.

If the staircase is part of a greater project and you have builders or contractors working on your premises we will work with their plans and requirements to ensure minimal fuss and concern for you, the customer. You may be working to certain deadlines and the staircase may be an integral part of the project. We will work with you to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Once we have completed the installation of your staircase it will of course need finishing. You may choose to have the staircase stained and coated or you may want something else. Whatever your requirements we will provide the service that you decide on. The first thing to do is contact us and get an estimate of time, cost, feasibility and any other advice that we feel you need before commencing your project.