floating floor installation

Installing a floating floor is probably the easiest option when it comes to laying flooring. Whether it is a laminate or hardwood floor there is no need to use nails or glue to lay the floor. The boards are designed to click together so that installation is quick and fuss free. The good thing about a floating floor is the ease of installation and the fact that it can be laid on top of pretty much any surface. Laminate flooring is usually applied using this method. The one instance when a floating floor installation is not appropriate is when the surface beneath is concrete. Applying a floating floor directly to concrete can lead to damp, cold and mould. Instead an engineered wooden subfloor should be applied first or as an alternative to a floating floor.

Additional benefits of the floating floor installation are that if there is ever a need to replace a board or a small area of the floor it can be done quickly and cost effectively. Simply remove the problem boards and replace. No glue or nails to contend with – just boards that are clicked together.
Our team will firstly assess the size of the project and what surface the floor is to be applied to. Once they have done this they can advise on the cost of the project and the various options available to you. Once they have measured up and you have chosen your floor they will then arrange an installation time and date to suit you. Now we understand that you are trying to run a business and we will ensure that we work around you in this circumstance. If you need minimal interruption then we can work out of hours ensuring that we are out of the way at times when you might have customers shopping or staff busy working. If you operate during business hours we can install the floor at the weekend when no-one is around.

To begin with you may want a layer of foam cushioning underneath the floor to add comfort and insulation as well as noise reduction. This is advisable when installing a floating floor like laminate especially one that will produce a lot of noise from people walking on it with shoes. Then you need to decide the type of finish that you want – we can show you the various options including types of wood and color. We are here to help and advise you get the right solution for your business so get in touch and let our experts take care of everything.