hardwood flooring repairs

Over time, even the highest quality wooden floors can become tatty and unloved, falling prey to woodworm and other blemishes. There are a number of options available to bring your flooring back to its former glory, and our team of experts will provide you with honest, friendly advice on the type of repair for the best results.  

Moving furniture around or decorating your home will often reveal holes and marks in your floor, which left unchecked can lead to more serious damage. In many cases, a simple patching job is a fast, clean way to fix any issues without the expense of a whole new floor.

Our engineers will conduct a series of checks to determine what species and grade of wood to use before carefully installing the new patch and delivering a smooth, fresh finish.

Missing/damaged floorboards
Sometimes, accidents and general wear and tear lead to damage of just one or two floorboards. In this case it’s costly and unnecessary to install a whole new floor and all you’ll need is a replacement board here and there. We’ll undertake tests to determine which species, thickness and grade of wood to use and ensure the subfloor beneath is strong enough to support your new boards. When we’re done, we’ll refinish the whole floor to leave it looking as good as new.

Water/fire damage repairs
Fire and water are among real wood’s worst enemies, leading to buckling, warping and distortion. Our engineers will assess the level of damage to identify the most appropriate steps to take- from replacement patches to a whole new floor, we’ll give you honest and
clear advice on how to deal with the problem in the most cost effective, long lasting way possible.

Engineered wood repairs
When water damage affects a subfloor that’s directly over a concrete slab it’s necessary to determine how deep the damage is. If the damage goes as deep as the concrete, the whole floor will need to be replaced. Failure to do this will result in long term issues like damp and mould, and can significantly impact on the value of your home. Our team will guide you through the process, giving you informed, expert advice and completing with as little disruption to you and your family as we can.

Laminate wood repairs
Like engineered wood, water damaged laminate flooring can lead to issues deep in the concrete. We’ll find the source of the damage, undertake all the necessary repairs and find the closest match possible for fast, effective results.