glue down flooring

The process of glue down flooring is used when applying engineered flooring directly to a concrete slab floor. Basically the process is very much as it sounds. The adhesive is applied with a trowel to the concrete floor and then spread evenly before laying the wooden panels. Because the adhesive will start to dry quite quickly it is completed one section at a time. A professional installer will mark out an area of approximately 3 feet or 12 boards, apply the adhesive and then lay the boards until the adhesive is covered. Once this area is complete the installer will move on to the next area and repeat the process until the floor is completed. This method is fast and effective and ensures that there is no movement of the panels. Once the floor is laid it will need time to dry completely and then once this has occurred the floor is ready to be used as needed.

This method of laying commercial flooring is usually undertaken with engineered wooden flooring and not hardwood flooring as it is hard to glue down solid wood. When completed properly a glued down floor will feel very much like a solid wood floor underfoot unlike a floating floor option.

You may not know the best option for your premises and if an engineered glue down floor is the best option for you. You don’t need to worry. Our team of experts will come and assess the current state of your concrete floor and use a moisture kit to check for any moisture as damp can cause significant problems further down the line. We will advise on the most suitable solution for your requirements and give you various scenarios and what they mean. This might be the length of life you can expect when looking at the various options and advising you on the type of flooring you can have with each solution.

You may worry that a glued down engineered solution is not as good quality as the real hardwood flooring alternative but you don’t need to worry. With glue down flooring you can still choose from a wide range of colors and effects and because the top layer is solid wood the appearance and feel of your floor will be very much like the real thing.

Whatever our findings, we’ll present you with clear, accurate information to help you decide on the best course of action.