damaged or missing boards replacement

Occasionally accidents happen, something gets spilt or dropped and you’ll need to have a floorboard or two replaced. This is a far quicker and more cost effective option than replacing an entire floor, and once we have assessed and advised you on the best course of action we will usually be in and out within a couple of hours. If the damage to the floor is noticeable you will want to get it fixed sooner rather than later although even if it isn’t in a noticeable place you should still get it checked out in case there is further damage that you can’t see.

The first thing we will do is assess the extent of the damage. It may be a straightforward case of replacing a scratched board or there may have been some water damage from a leak which only affected one or two boards. Someone may have dropped a sharp or heavy object that has taken a chunk out of a board. If this is the case we will check the surrounding boards for signs of damage and check the floor underneath to make sure nothing is amiss. 

Once we have checked out the situation and advised and made sure there is no hidden damage anywhere else we will then suggest the best course of action and the options available to you. If it is a case of replacing a board or two we will just lift the old boards and replace them. If the existing floor is stained and coated, we will endeavour to find the best possible match or we will stain and re-coat the new boards. It may be possible to do this prior to fitting them to avoid any stain affecting the existing floor.

If we can’t find a good match to either the boards or the stain that match your current floor we will arrange to re-stain the whole floor to ensure uniformity. If the floor is a floating floor that just clicks together then fitting the new board or boards will be a straightforward job however if it is a glued down floor we will have to work a little harder but it will still be possible to replace them.
So if your floor has sustained damage then give us a call and we will arrange to come out and appraise the situation and agree a time to fix the damage for you.