hardwood flooring recoating

Over time even the highest quality flooring with the most robust coatings will need to be replaced. A floor has to endure more than most other parts of a house or property. Being walked on, played on, danced on and whatever else it has to put up with can all take its toll. Wooden floors unavoidably get scratched, scuffed and a build-up of dirt can occur. Do not fear though – a wooden floor can be restored with a good hardwood flooring coating.

First of all the condition of the floor will need to be assessed to see how much work is required to restore it to its former glory. If there is a lot of damage then it may be advisable to sand it right back to remove any dents and scratches. At other times a quick sanding may be all that is needed. We will visit your premises and assess the condition of the floor before we give you a quote for the work.

Once we have agreed on the details of the project we will get to work first of all taking off any previous coatings, staining and oil residue build-up. It could be a quick job that takes a few hours but if it is a larger floor with a lot of damage then it could take longer. Sanding is a messy job and we will try and conduct this part of the process with as little impact as possible to the rest of the property.

We will make sure that the room is prepped with everything possible removed and that during sanding the room is well ventilated where possible. If the room adjoins other rooms and corridors we will try to reduce any pollution leaving the room – a job like this does make a lot of dust so we will try and minimise it as much as possible.

Once the floor is sanded you may decide you want to apply a stain or you may indeed prefer the look of the bare wood. We will then stain the floor and re-coat using either an oil based or water based coating. If you have opted for an oil based coating the job will probably take longer and there will be an odor that needs to be considered however an oil based product does give a more durable, longer term finish. A water based coating offers a different, less noticeable finish which you may prefer especially if you like the bare wood look.