Let’s face it, nobody likes the mess and dust that the sanding of wood can create. It leaves a nasty film of dust everywhere that will take you weeks to clean even to the point where you can taste it. Even when you think you have got rid of it you will find it in places you hadn’t thought of weeks later. As well as being a nuisance and being unsightly dust can also be a health hazard for children and pets or anyone with a breathing condition. For those with allergies dust can set off bouts off coughing, sneezing and skin conditions like eczema. Our dustless machines significantly cut down on the amount of dust created, making them a great option for anyone working in poorly ventilated areas.

Although not to be confused with dust-free sanding (there is no such thing at present!) dustless hardwood floor sanding can reduce dust by as much as 90%. Dust extraction filters are attached to the sanding machine by hose, meaning that there are no messy bags and the dust goes directly into the machine. It’s a quick, efficient alternative to traditional sanding which means we can complete the job in a faster time with considerably less tidying up to do afterwards. When you see how much dust collects in the machine it will shock you as to how much dust would have ended up in your home.

It is important to stress that this is not a dust free service as we mentioned above. There will be some dust but it won’t be absolutely everywhere like it would be with straight forward sanding. The filters on the machine will take a lot of the sand out of the air and direct it into the machine leaving you with much less residue. We do take care to ensure that we cut down on dust wherever we can and we will always work in a well ventilated room, removing as much as we can from the room and shutting doors to adjoining rooms but once dust is airborne it tends to find its way everywhere.

Overall the dustless hardwood floor sanding solution is much better to the alternative and we like to think that it does make a huge difference to the clean-up operation afterwards and more importantly the quality of the air in the house. If you have concerns and would like to talk to us about the various options that we can offer please do talk to us.