oil based wood coating

Oil based wood coating is hardwearing, durable and able to withstand high amounts of traffic and heavy furniture. This category includes varnishes, lacquer, shellacs, acrylics and tung oil, although “pure” oils like linseed and tung oil are also regularly used and provide a high sheen, natural finish.
A major downside of oil based coatings is the smell, which can be quite overpowering. For this reason we recommend keeping the area well ventilated and if your customers/patrons include children, the elderly, pregnant women or anyone with breathing difficulties we would always suggest closing down for a few days until the smell has gone.

Other customers who are more environmentally conscious also shy away from oil based coatings due to their polluting ingredients like urethane, acrylic and alkyd. They can also be flammable, so good fire prevention measures are essential.

Another thing to consider with an oil based coating is the time it takes between drying. Although an oil based protective coat needs fewer coats it does take a few hours between coats and then with the room needing to be well ventilated and the floor fully dried before introducing anyone to the room it can put a room out of action for a few days.

The benefits of an oil based coating can far outweigh the smell and time though and with it providing such a hardy protection it is always worth considering over a water based option especially given that a hard wood flooring is such a big investment for many. Oil based protection also costs less than a water based protection as you need to apply less. The oil soaks into the wood giving a much hardier protection than you get with a water based alternative. Another benefit is the look of the oil based protection when compared to the water based product. A floor that is protected with an oil based product will give off a certain amber glow which makes the floor look much richer.

Once applied, most oil based wood coatings are extremely long lasting and can usually be left for several years without the need to re-coat – when compared to a water based coating you may find yourself having to re-coat every two years.

We are happy to provide what you want when it comes to protective coatings, our job is to advise you so that you can make an informed decision. If you are unsure about the best option for you then please talk to us and we will be happy to help.