Many of us take flooring for granted; it’s just something we walk on, a way to get from A to B. But the fact is, flooring is extremely important and has to withstand an incredible amount of wear and tear every single day. To avoid future problems and obtain a smooth, hardwearing top floor it’s sometimes necessary to install a sub floor underneath.

Subfloors are usually installed using nails and screws or glue when being applied directly to concrete. They create the perfect canvas for your new top floor. In the case of any flooring installation, we will thoroughly inspect the surface beneath and advise you on whether you require a sub floor or not- if you do, you can count on us to do it to an exceptional standard and create the perfect base for your new flooring.

One example of when a subfloor may be required is when we are installing floor over concrete. Concrete is cold and can create damp, mouldy conditions which will rot the wooden floor, not to mention the cold feeling you will get under foot. If you are converting a warehouse into a living space or a basement then this may be a time when you encounter a concrete subfloor.

With a commercial premises you can opt for an alternative to hardwood flooring with an engineered wooden floor. Engineered wooden flooring is made up of layers with the top layer usually being hardwood to give the appearance and feel of a genuine solid wood floor. Whilst it is available in many choices of finish and color it may be perfectly acceptable for a commercial premises but when it comes to the home you probably want the real thing. In this instance we would advise installing the engineered wooden floor as a sub floor. Then we can install the hardwood floor of your choice over the top.

As installing a subfloor underneath will involve additional time, cost and inconvenience we will only advise this as a course of action if we believe it is absolutely necessary. You don’t want to be paying for two lots of installation if it is avoidable. You can trust us to give you genuine advice and to always act in your best interests. To find out whether you need a subfloor laid in your premises or home then get in touch and we will arrange to come and assess the job for you.