commercial hardwood restoration

At Rovins Hardwood Flooring as well as refinishing we also offer a commercial restoration service. From serious damage caused by events like flooding or fire to simple wear and tear or general layout changes we can offer the most efficient and cost effective service to suit your requirements. From a simple replacement of individual wooden panels to the replacement of sub floors, our team of experts have the skills and experience to repair your flooring to an exceptional standard.
Sometimes our teams will be in and out in a matter of hours causing minimal fuss and disturbance to your business but at other times the job will require more and we may need to take over the premises to get the job done. Should this be the case we will try and get your business up and running again as quickly as possible and will also work out of normal working hours to ensure there is no interruption to service.
Our Commercial Restoration cater for the following issues - 

  • Water damage – should your commercial property be subject to flooding which causes damage to the wooden floor we will help you repair and restore the floor to its original state with minimal fuss. We do offer a water extraction service should you need us to come in and help rid the premises of water and dry out the floor and area around it. If the water damage is severe it will be likely that you will need the floor replacing but if it can be repaired we will of course attempt to do so as the preferred option.
  • Fire damage – If your business has sustained fire damage it is likely that you will need the whole floor replaced.
  • Layout change repairs – If you make a change to your premises which involves the floor we will assist by making good any repairs caused by a change of layout.
  • General maintenance – From a simple clean to a full sanding and refinishing job we have all of the tools required to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Whether operate offices, a shopping premises like a shopping mall, a high rise block or warehouse/factories we can help. In the first instance we will visit the premises to assess the level of work needed before giving you a thorough estimate for the work that needs doing. We will then carry out the work to an exceptional standard causing minimal interruption to your business.