Engineered wood flooring installation

Engineered wood flooring is often found in buildings with concrete floors and other areas where it isn’t possible to raise the floor to create a new sub floor. In addition to this because of its durability it is also a popular choice with many businesses as it is built to deal with heavy foot traffic. It offers a cost effective alternative to hard wood flooring.

Engineered wood flooring is usually installed with glue, but at Rovin’s Flooring we also use nails to attach it to wooden sub floors. Engineered wood is made from a number of thin layers of wood placed on top of one another and comes in a wide range of species, colors and thickness. The top layer is usually the thickest layer as this is the part of the floor that takes the most impact. Having a thick top layer also enables for refinishing later on in the life of the floor as having a thick solid wood top means that sanding can take place. If the top layer is too thin there is very little that can be done to restore the floor when it starts to look a bit worn.

For commercial areas that endure heavy foot traffic we would always recommend choosing the thickest type of panels possible as they will last longer and be able to withstand a greater amount of traffic. If using thinner panels the floor will need to be replaced sooner as it will be less resistant. When you consider the demands placed on the floor of a commercial premises it is no surprise that they will take much more abuse than your average floor and need much more maintenance and care.

Another thing to consider with engineered wooden flooring is that unlike real wood flooring the panels won’t shrink and warp with heat and humidity. The engineered flooring is more durable and will withstand more than the hardwood alternative. It is in fact a wise choice for a heavy traffic area and many businesses choose this as an alternative to a real wood floor.

This type of engineered wooden flooring usually comes pre-finished from our factory, but if you would prefer a natural, unfinished effect to later varnish and coat yourself we can arrange that too. All you need to do is tell us what you are looking for and take a look at our range then arrange for us to install your floor.